Rules at Roskilde Badet

Here you can see the rules of how we behave in Roskilde Badet. If you follow them we can all make Roskilde Badene a nice place to be.

Good bathing experiences

  • Take care of yourself and show respect and consideration for others
  • Access to the swimming pool is at your own risk
  • Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a bathing adult
  • Children up to and including 7 years can use both women's and men's clothing
  • Lock your closet with the chip bracelet - guests are responsible for their own clothes and values
  • Babies and children up to the age of 4 must use a nappy and approved swimming trunks from the brand Splash
  • Bringing food is not allowed in Roskilde Badet
  • Use of mobile phone or camera in the pool area is not allowed
  • Pools and ticket sales close 30 min. before announced closing time
  • Follow the instructions of the staff - circumvention can lead to expulsion and quarantine

Before using the spa area

  • Swimwear must be used throughout the spa and wellness area
  • You can bye swimwear and towels in our shop. We do not rent it our anytmore.
  • Sit on your towel in the saunas
  • People with a bad heart or respiratory disorder should pay extra attention - ask your own doctor before using the spa facilities Women with copper coils, as well as people with pacemakers are not advised to use the IR saunas
  • If you are pregnant - consult your doctor before using the saunas

Babys or small children

  • Babies and children up to 4 years must use approved swimming trunks with neoprene from the brand Splash About and a bath diaper to use the pools
  • Splash About's "HappyNappy" is made of neoprene and is snug around the thigh and with a high waist HappyNappy and bath diapers can be bought at the reception