Disability conditions

Roskilde Badet has good facilities in case you are using a weelchair or otherwise is challenged.

Roskilde Badet is equipped with wheelchair access to most locations.

Access conditions

The entrance area is made as a ramp with sensor for door opening. There are also railings along the stairs, so you can choose to take the direct stairs instead.

The reception area is large and open with plenty of space and seating.


Wheelchairs for swimming neck use are available immediately after the entrance door. Thes can be used in the entire pool area.

Changing room

Changing can be done in a special handicap-friendly changing room with plenty of space, handles, railings and wide doors. From this room there is access to the entire pool area..

Access to pools

There are handrails to all pools in Roskilde Badet. In addition, there is a mobile lift in the hall to help up and down the pools. Furthermore, there is a lift between the level division in the wet café and the 50-meter pool.